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How does one represent an alternate dimension in a fairly simple illustration?

That is the question.

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  1. reikaleipa said: just paint it all black
  2. fergustation said: The TARDIS.
  3. cameronchristopher said: Slices of bread. Sheets of film lying next to one another. A fractal. Bubbles. Flat-land type crosssections.
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    TARDIS blowing up.
  5. ziblie said: Mirrors? As in “beyond the looking-glass” type stuff? Light spectrums? Spirals a la campy old-school sci-fi?
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    Draw a line. Then draw a flat plane with a circle on it. Then draw a 3 dimensional sphere. Now, think of all of those...
  7. putalydonit said: Classic “looking in mirror and something else looking back.” Not the most original, but communicates it clearly enough.
  8. jollygoodchap said: prisms
  9. mufb said: tenthdimension.com/medi…
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